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"Mallorca Shiatsu" invites you to discover shiatsu as a form of relaxation and recovery. During a Shiatsu session, the patient can wear comfortable clothing. It is only necessary to take off your shoes. No oils are used or equipment is used. Treatment will be given on a futon near the floor.

The Japanese Ministry of Health defines Shiatsu as follows: "Shiatsu therapy is a form of manipulation of the thumb, fingers and palms that, without the aid of any mechanical or other instrument, exerts pressure on the skin to correct internal disorders, promote and maintain good health and good health Shiatsu has no side effects ".


Shiatsu is a therapy that developed from ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine and involves the whole body, mind and psyche. Shiatsu is fundamentally different from a regular massage. Shiatsu stimulates the life energy (known as Ki, Chi or Prana). It circulates throughout the body through channels or meridians. Stimulation is given by localized pressure, stretching, mobilization and joint manipulation.


The goal of Shiatsu is to improve health naturally and from a holistic perspective, to find the causes that cause the disorders, to awaken the self-healing powers of our body, and simultaneously to put the patient in a deep state of relaxation.


Resulta altamente efectivo para:

  • Insomnio

  • Lumbalgias

  • Contracturas musculares

  • Dolor de cuello y hombros

  • Problemas cervicales

  • Stress

  • Constipación

  • Dolores de espalda

  • Alteraciones menstruales

  • Problamas gástricos y falta de apetito

  • Dolores de cabeza y jaquecas frecuentes

  • Asma

  • Incapacidad para relajarse

  • Dolores articulares

  • Miedos, fobias

  • Ira, agresividad

  • Problemas circulatorios

  • Cíatica

  • Ansiedad

  • Depresión

Do you have more questions?


  • Insomnia

  • pain (head, back, neck, shoulder, joints, sciatica)

  • muscle contractures

  • tension

  • cervical problems

  • stress

  • menstrual disorders

  • stomach problems and loss of appetite

  • asthma

  • anxiety

  • phobias

  • anger

  • aggressiveness

  • etc

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