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My name is Sebastián Godino. I am a shiatsu therapist. My focus is on Zen Shiatsu. My education is complemented by Namikoshi Shiatsu, Oki-Do, Sotai, Auriculotherapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Digital Puncture. Each treatment is individual and is composed with elements of different techniques according to the needs and characteristics of each patient.


I myself discovered Shiatsu therapy more than 10 years ago when it was the answer to my own asthma and my chronic back pain. I decided to study and apply this great Millennium Therapy to bring its benefits to other people.


I consider myself a warm, kind, respectful person with a high degree of empathy. I am passionate about what I do and give my maximum abilities to every patient.


Because of my long experience as a therapist, my first goal is to make you feel better. I help you to relieve your physical pain and emotional disorders in a holistic and natural way.


Currently I live in Mallorca. I offer Shiatsu therapies as well as various types of workshops focused on health care and the training of new Shiatsu therapists.


I look forward to meeting you.



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